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Discover the vending machine that sells art

Discover the vending machine that sells art
By Euronews
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In Brighton on England’s south coast, they like to do things differently.

So a group of artists have taken their works off the gallery wall and put them on sale to the public in a vending machine.

Much like the cans of drinks that normally inhabit such machines, the prints are delivered to buyers rolled up in a tin. Buyers can select their choice after browsing a menu of the pictures inside, affixed to the machine.

Just put your money in the slot …and out pops a piece of culture.

It is reaching a whole new audience.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said student and art lover Kate Temple-Mabe.

“I think it does bring art to a market of people like me who really appreciate it. I mean, I definitely appreciate having things on my wall and I’d like to have more things on my wall!”

The machine, located in a club in the centre of the city, offers prospective buyers prints from emerging artists for prices ranging from 20 pounds ($25.75) to 50 pounds.

That is certainly more than a cup of coffee or a bag of crisps – but the contents of this vending machine are for keeps.

“Sometimes art can feel like, a bit pretentious or a bit unattainable”, said illustrator Helen Heitt, one of the artists whose work is for sale in the machine.

“But if it’s in a vending machine, it kind of strips that all away.”

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