Trump claims 'victory' over travel ban ruling

Trump claims 'victory' over travel ban ruling
By Euronews

Donald Trump says Supreme Court decision is a 'victory for national security', but Civil Liberties experts disagree

President Donald Trump has welcomed the Supreme Court’s decision to allow his travel and refugee bans to be partly reinstated.
Earlier this year Trump ordered a 90-day ban on people travelling from six mainly Muslim countries and a 120-day ban on refugees.
Injunctions preventing them are now to be partly lifted … a move Trump says is a victory for US national security.

But American Civil Liberties expert, Omar Jadwat disagreed:

“The implication on the ground is actually not as severe, I think, as it might at first appear because the number of people who will be affected by this narrow version of the ban is much smaller. And, I think it’s a complete mischaracterisation to say that this is in some way a victory for the administration.”

“It’s clear that President Trump instituted this ban – this ban and the one before it – because as he put it, he thinks Islam hates us, that we have a problem with Muslims in the United States, and that he wants to see a reduction or a halt of Muslim immigration to the United States. And that’s fundamentally incompatible with our Constitution.”

While the court appeared to side with the Trump administration on the president’s authority to temporarily bar visitors from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, immigration lawyers and civil rights advocates said the majority of travelers from those countries would still be permitted to enter the United States under the supreme court’s directive, for those with a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the US….including family links, students and employees.

A final judgement on the bans is to be issued in October.

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