Timeline: President Trump's travel ban

Timeline: President Trump's travel ban
By Euronews
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A timeline of US President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban


Here is a timeline of how US President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban has developed:

January 27
Trump signs executive order barring people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for 90 days.
The order applies to all people from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

January 28
New York judge Ann Donnelly temporarily blocks part of order. The judge stops the government from deporting people who have arrived in the US with “valid visas or refugee status”.

January 29
Judge in Massachusetts also issues a temporary restraining order amid widespread protests at US airports.
Trump defends the ban, tweeting: “Our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting, NOW. Look what is happening all over Europe and, indeed, the world – a horrible mess!”

Our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting, NOW. Look what is happening all over Europe and, indeed, the world – a horrible mess!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 29, 2017

January 30
Trump fires acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she does not defend the travel ban.
Legal representatives from Washington and Minnesota sue to invalidate key areas of the executive order, asking the ban to be halted, sparking more lawsuits.

February 3
US District Court Judge James Robart temporarily blocks the ban across the country, ruling the states that filed the lawsuit “have met their burden of demonstrating that they face immediate and irreparable injury as a result of the signing and implementation of the executive order.”

February 5
An appeals court rejects the Justice Department’s emergency request to resume the ban. The government argues that the blocking order “second-guesses the president’s national security judgment.”

I have instructed Homeland Security to check people coming into our country VERY CAREFULLY. The courts are making the job very difficult!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 5, 2017

February 7
9th US circuit court of appeals hears on ban. Lawyers for the states of Washington and Minnesota and the Justice Department argue whether the ban should stay blocked.

March 6
Trump signs a revised second version of the travel ban, with Iraq no longer on the list of banned countries and an assurance Green Card holders are unaffected.
The ban is to come into effect on 16 March.

March 7
Attorneys for Hawaii file the first lawsuit against the new travel ban and block its rollout, citing Trump’s campaign claim that he promised to ban Muslims from entering the US.
The ban is suspended.

March 15
Travel ban is blocked hours before it is set to begin.

June 2
The ban is referred to the Supreme Court.

June 26
Supreme Court rules travel ban is to be partly reinstated.

Very grateful for the 9-O decision from the U. S. Supreme Court. We must keep America SAFE!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 26, 2017

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