Ukraine parties to celebrate visa-free access to EU

Ukraine parties to celebrate visa-free access to EU
By Euronews

Ukrainians ended their decade-long wait for free visa access to the EU on Sunday, with parties and ceremonies.

Today Ukrainian authorities say they have opened the doors to the EU. Photo: Ukrainian President Poroshenko and Slovak President Kiska attend a ceremony dedicated to a visa-free regime with EU, in Uzhhorod, not far from Slovakian border. Mikhail Palinchak/Ukrainian Presidential Press Service/Pool via REUTERS

Traditional dancing took place in the main Kyiv Airport – Boryspil.

Ukrainians also posted pictures of themselves after crossing the border without visas.

The authorities erected a stage at Maidan – the heart of the Ukrainian capital which gained world-wide attention during protests that took place in 2013/2014. Those demonstrations first started as a pro-European movement to support an association agreement with Europe that then-president Viktor Yanukovich had rejected. After many lives were lost, Yanokovych was ousted from power and the visa-decision is seen as another step towards overturning his legacy.

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