Campaign in support of 'limbo' refugees

Campaign in support of 'limbo' refugees
By Euronews

The #sickofwaiting says refugees have limited food, shelter and medical supplies

An online movement in support of migrants has been launched by NGO staff, volunteers and refugees in Greece.

The #sickofwaiting campaign was set up to urge European countries to take in refugees, while raising awareness of the conditions they face.

According to campaigners, their treatment and living conditions are becoming worse, with limited food, shelter and medical supplies.

In some cases, they report attacks by locals and even suicides among the refugees.

Over 12,000 people and around 25 non-profit organisations have joined the movement.

The campaign’s website says: “In 2015, the European countries committed to host 120,759 refugees by September 2017 and 74% are still in a limbo waiting for their destination.

“The processes of the families who have applied to be reunited are also stuck. The European governments are failing – but global civil society will not.”

Members plan to go to the European Parliament on June 28 to demand the process is sped up.

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