Officer tackled London attackers armed with only a baton

Officer tackled London attackers armed with only a baton
By Euronews

A spokesperson for the British Transport Police (BTP) says its believed an officer who was stabbed in the face during Saturday’s (June 3) London attack was deliberately targeted.

Shortly after 10pm local time, emergency services rushed to the scene in response to reports of a van ploughing into pedestrians around London Bridge and a flurry of stabbings at the nearby Borough Market.

The officer, who was one of the first on the scene, was hospitalised after being attacked while waiting for back-up from armed police. He was armed with a baton.

BTP later issued the following statement:

“He received injuries to his head, face and leg, which, at this time, are believed to be serious but not life threatening.

“The officer is currently being treated in a central London hospital and his family are with him while he receives treatment.”

Authorities arrived on the scene quickly and shot dead the three assailants within eight minutes of the first reports of the attack.

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