EUROPOL admits stunned by scale of cyberattack

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By Robert Hackwill
EUROPOL admits stunned by scale of cyberattack

Monday may see a resumption of the wave of cyberattacks around the world. That is the warning from computer experts as more and more companies and official bodies release details about how they have been compromised by the ransomware virus, that locks them out of their own systems.

Police and security forces have been overwhelmed by the scale of the attack.

“At Europol we are running around 200 global operations against cyber crime each year. But we’ve never seen anything like this, we’ve seen the rise of ransomware becoming the principle cyber threat I think. But this is something we haven’t seen before. The global reach is unprecedented,” said EUROPOL’s director Rob Wainwright. “The latest count now is 200,000 victims in 150 countries.”

Indonesia, which saw two Djakarta hospitals hit and dozens of other locations called for high vigilance when the markets reopened.

Each victim received a blackmail demand of between three to six hundred dollars, whether or not that was an individual, giant multinational company, or government department.