Need an App for confession? Confesorgo is here for you!

Need an App for confession? Confesorgo is here for you!
By Symela Touchtidou
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The app tracks the priest closest to you available for a confession


Ever felt the burden on your soul is too much to bear for one more minute?

Want to get what’s bothering you off your chest as soon as possible?

If you are in Spain, Confesorgo is the App for you!

It provides information on all the priests available for confession in your vicinity, in real time.

You do not even need a church!

Priests of Confesorgo offer their services in hospitals, universities, residences, even in open areas, like a piazza or a park.

So how does it work?

Kind of like Uber for priests.

You download the App and select “On the map”.
This opens a screen with a list sorted by location: first, the priest closest to the user’s current location, then all the other Holy Fathers who are offering confessionals at that moment.

By touching the name of the priest, the address or the icon, you can obtain the distance that separates you from the confessor, as well as the shortest route to get to him.

Priests participating in the project say they follow the plea of Pope Francis to “get out of the churches and reach out to more people”.

Special offer: the app provides texts concerning the mercy of God, forgiveness and the sacrament of Reconciliation.

As an Uber-like app, it takes feedback too.

You can record your testimony and share your experience, to encourage more believers and priests to join this extraordinary community.

Where is it available?

Practically all over Spain.

More than 35 cities have joined the App, including Madrid and Barcelona.

You can share it with your contacts through the usual Social Networking applications (WhatsApp, email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Last but not least, there is a Youtube video (in Spanish) explaining how the App works.

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