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Trump boosts military budget by nearly 10%

Trump boosts military budget by nearly 10%
By Robert Hackwill
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President Donald trump has promised 54 extra billion dollars for the military in his first budget demand to Congress.


US President Donald Trump has announced a big increase in US defence spending, calling on Congress for an extra 54 billion dollars on top of the pentagon’s annual 600 billion spend.

That is a nine percent increase, but Trump insists he won’t beggar other departments to pay for it.
“My first budget will be submitted to the Congress next month. This budget will be a public safety and national security budget, very much based on those two with plenty of other things, but very strong, and it will include an historic increase in defence spending to rebuild the depleted military of the United States of America at a time we most need it.”
Foreign aid, the State and Environmental Departments will be cut by a corresponding
amount and things like social security will be untouched says Trump, who promises to do more and better with the same cash.

Trump has called the increase “historic”, although compared to the Reagan-era splurge
it is tiny.

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