Why Donald Trump is being compared to Richard Nixon

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By Euronews  with Euronews
Why Donald Trump is being compared to Richard Nixon

The US president has fired his acting attorney general for “defying executive orders”, an action leading him to be compared to former US leader Richard Nixon.

Euronews’ Washington Correspondent Stefan Grobe gives us his take on the latest events.

“Some commentators compared Trump’s firing of the Acting Attorney General for defying him on the controversial travel ban to Richard Nixon’s monumental clash with the Justice Department leadership, commonly known as the Saturday Night Massacre. But the circumstances today are entirely different.”

“Nixon was concealing a crime, Trump is attempting to defend a policy decision and flawed executive action. And here exactly lies Trump’s problem. The president acted hastily and with utter disregard of the legal policy process on a problem largely of his own imagining.”

“There simply is no wave of terrorists disguised as Syrian refugees flooding the United States. Once again, Trump is throwing red meat to his core base and exhausting the American public. And it’s just eleven days that he is in office.”