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Shot dead in Milan, but there are more questions than answers over Anis Amri

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By Atack Patrick
Shot dead in Milan, but there are more questions than answers over Anis Amri

Four days after killing 12 people in Berlin, Anis Amri was shot dead by police in Milan on Friday morning.

He was stopped by two police officers in the early hours of Friday morning, near a train station.

Amri shot and wounded one officer, before being shot dead by a second policeman.

It is understood that Amri travelled to Milan at least in part by train, via Paris, Chambery and Turin, after escaping the scene the Berlin lorry attack.

After his death, ISIL posted this video of Amri pledging allegiance to the terrorist group, and calling for revenge against ‘crusaders’ bombing Muslims.

Questions over how Amri made his way from Berlin to Milan have been raised by those already skeptical of the EU’s Schengen border-free zone.

“Anis Amri shot in Milan: Schengen at fault”, says Marine Le Pen, French far-right leader and Presidential candidate.

German prosecutors are investigating his route

Peter Frank, German Federal Attorney General said:
“It’s of crucial importance for us to know whether Amri had confidants or helpers, and to trace his escape route. We would also like to know if the weapon found on Anis Amri in Milan is the murder weapon used in Berlin. We will thoroughly investigate this further”.

Both Amri’s brother and mother have questioned police tactics, saying that he has gone to his grave with too many secrets and unanswered questions.

Abdelkader Amri, brother of Anis Amri, said:
“Yesterday, I said that we are disowning him, but to kill him and he’s still under suspicion, why? The German media are saying today that he was a scapegoat, he was still under suspicion so they should have held him and interrogated him but not kill him”.

They have requested that his body is returned to Tunisia, and that their government take responsibility for answering the questions that remain over why Amri carried out this attack.