US Electoral College formally elects Trump as president

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By Euronews
US Electoral College formally elects Trump as president

Donald Trump has been formally elected president of the United States.

As is customary, six weeks after the election, members of the Electoral College cast their ballots as directed by their respective states.

Trump won more than the 270 needed in fact he garnered 304 votes to defeated candidate Hillary Clinton’s 227.

But the process was not without incident.
Some electors broke ranks and voted for someone else altogether, creating the largest number of “faithless electors” seen in well over a century.

In some state capitals, the actual voting was met with protests. For the past few weeks electors have been flooded with emails and phone calls not to support the billionaire.

In Pennsylvania more than 200 demonstrated against Trump’s election.

The result will be officially announced on January 6 in a special joint session of Congress.