Massive earthquake strikes central Italy

Massive earthquake strikes central Italy
By Euronews

An earthquake with a 7.1 magnitude has struck in central Italy. The impact is thought to be somewhere near the city of Norcia.

Another huge earthquake has struck central Italy.

The powerful tremor is reported to have had a magnitude of up to 7.1.


The epicentre is thought to have been around the town of Norcia between Umbria and Marche.

It is thought to have been 1.5 km deep.

Buildings shook

People in the capital, Rome, were reportedly woken by their buildings shaking just after 0730 this morning.

This latest quake comes after the region was rocked by damaging tremors on Wednesday last week and is thought to be centred in the same area.

There is no news yet on casualties or damage caused.

Details are still coming in.

Euronews will bring you more information as soon as it comes in.


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