Valery Rozov sets new world Basejumping record

Valery Rozov sets new world Basejumping record
By Euronews

Russia's Valery Rozov has beaten his own world basejumping record in the Himalayas

Cho Oyu in the Himalayas is the sixth highest peak in the world, a tough ascent even for a seasoned climber, and for years it was Russian Valery Rozov’s dream to take it on.

But it was the coming back down that interested him the most, as Rozov wanted to set a new basejumping world record.

The climb took 21 days. The descent considerably less as Rozov took a 90-second plunge in a wingsuit before opening his parachute to hit his landing mark on the nose.

The 7,700 metre jump beats Rozov’s own world record of 7,220 metres set in 2013 from the nearby Changtse peak in the Everest massif.

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