Hungary's Muslims fear migrant referendum

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By Euronews
Hungary's Muslims fear migrant referendum

In Sunday’s referendum Hungarians will be asked whether they agree to the EU dictating how many migrants they must take in.

Indirectly it is against Islam

Tayseer Saleh Imam of Budapest's Darusallam mosque

The government bias is pretty clear – one billboard reads “did you know that the Paris terror attacks were carried out by migrants?

It’s made Hungarian Muslims jumpy but one imam at a mosque in Budapest has reacted by opening up to outsiders.

“We could say that this campaign is against the migrants but in reality it is covertly against Islam, that’s how people mostly understood it. Since a large percentage of the migrants are Muslims, indirectly it is against Islam. Muslims in Hungary have felt the disadvantages of this.”

After Prime Minister Viktor Orban recently commented that Muslim asylum seekers would destroy Hungarian Christian identity and culture many Muslims are, unsurprisingly, feeling rejected.

“I’m starting to feel that my own homeland is repudiating me. I consider myself a good Hungarian and I want to be one, too, but if people are surrounded by this kind of propaganda and they are so impressionable, it often makes you wonder,” one Muslim woman said.

In 2015 European Council had called on Hungary to take in around 1,300 asylum seekers of the 160,000 it wanted re-settled in the EU.

The latest census in 2011 found that 5,600 Hungarians are Muslims.