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Clinton appeals to young Americans, as Trump courts Polish vote

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By Joanna Gill
Clinton appeals to young Americans, as Trump courts Polish vote

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is on a mission to win over younger voters, as polls show her support from Millennials is on the wane. Campaigning in New Hampshire she enlisted former rival Bernie Sanders to add credibility to her pledge to make college free for many young Americans.

“We’ve got so many young people graduating with debt who aren’t able to get started in their careers, aren’t able to do the jobs like I could do because they have to get a job that pays as much as possible to begin paying their debt down. So we should and we will make public colleges tuition free for families earning less than 125,000 dollars a year,” she told the crowd.

The plan inspired by Sanders free-tuition policy seeks to engage younger voters. The Democratic camp fear a low turn-out among the key demographic which could give the advantage to Trump. It’s unclear whether many in the ‘Bernie or Bust’ camp will be wooed by Clinton.

The youth vote proved key to President Obama’s victories in 2008 and 2012.

Trump praises Poland

Meanwhile, in Chicago Republican candidate Donald Trump courted the Polish vote.

He praised Poland for its payments to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

“So we want NATO to be strong, which means we want more countries to follow the example of Poland. If every country in NATO made the same contributions as Poland, all of our allies would be more secure. And people would feel better.”

Trump has previously criticised other NATO countries for coming up short, alluding to the fact that America shouldn’t come to their aid in future if payments were not met. During Monday’s first televised debate, he repeated previous statements saying not all 28 countries were ‘paying their fair share’.

While both candidates claimed victory after the debate, the latest polls suggest Clinton came out on top, however, the win doesn’t appear to translate into votes.