Russian 'Mowgli' survives 3 days in Siberian wilderness

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By Euronews
Russian 'Mowgli' survives 3 days in Siberian wilderness

A Russian toddler who went missing in the Siberian taiga forest was found three days later alive and well.

Tserin Dopchut, who has already been nick-named ‘Mowgli’, ventured into the remote forest between the Russian tundra and the steppes in search of his pet dogs.

The forest near Khut in the Tuva Republic is home to such predators as wolves, bears and lynx.

The search operation involving over 100 police and rescue workers, helicopters and sniffer dogs came up empty-handed.

The pet dogs returned to the village and led the child’s uncle and a search party to him just a few kilometres from the family home.

One emergency worker said the toddler survived because he didn’t panic. He ate chocolate he had in his pocket, took shelter and slept under a tree.