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Hillary makes history as the first woman to run for the White House

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By Euronews
Hillary makes history as the first woman to run for the White House

Hillary Clinton says she has cracked the glass ceiling by becoming the first woman nominated as
presidential candidate by a major party.

But despite the glitz, many woman feel uncomfortable voting for her.

Joanna Gill spoke to our Washington correspondent.

Joanna Gill:“We’re joined now by Stefan Grobe to discuss the highs and lows of the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia.Let’s talk about Hillary. The first woman nominated by a major party as their presidential candidate, Clinton has made history. Breaking through the glass ceiling, she said ‘the sky is the limit’. But many women are still uncomfortable voting for her. Why is this?”

Stefan Grobe: “I think her lifetime speech may have changed the opinion of a lot of women. I have never seen so many women cry this week. First during President Obama’s speech and then during Hillary Clinton’s speech. She comes across as someone who is aloof, as part of the establishment…But when you saw the faces of many women delegates last night, with tears in their eyes, I think that historic achievement sank in for the first time.”

Joanna Gill: “Now she may be winning over the women voters but the beginning of the convention was dampened by protests from Bernie Sanders supporters. Will she be able to bring them round?”

Stefan Grobe: “This is one of her challenges over the next three months she has to walk a very fine line and bring on disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters and also disaffected Republicans. So I don’t think we’re going to see Hillary Clinton move farther to the left. Although she made a lot of points that resonated with Bernie Sanders supporters and people on the political left. But she also stretched out her hand to a lot of Republicans who are still very unhappy with their candidate. And I think we’re going to see in the presidential debates that start in September, we’re going to see a real clash of political cultures…This is going to be a very tough and nasty campaign.”

Joanna Gill: “We could say that email has been Hillary’s Achilles heel and the DNC has been dogged by a new email scandal. Will she be able to ride this one out?”

Stefan Grobe: “I think Yes. What is clear now, is that America has a clear choice between two different visions of the country. According to the Republicans, the country is a crime scene, a place of doom and gloom and the best days are far behind. If you listen to the Democrats this is a beacon of hope, diversity, new ideas of energy and that’s something Hillary will build on. Of course Republicans will bring up emails, but the election will not be decided by emails. People have been hearing about this for a year, and nothing really substantial came out of it.”

Joanna Gill: “I think that’s all we have time for. Thank you Stefan for the inside track on the race for the presidency.”