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Profiles of Istanbul airport attack victims

Profiles of Istanbul airport attack victims
By Euronews
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The triple suicide bomb attack at Istanbul’s Atatürk international airport killed at least 42 and injured nearly 239 others.


The triple suicide bomb attack at
Istanbul’s Atatürk international airport killed at least 42 and injured nearly 239 others.

Below are some of the victims.

1- Yusuf Haznedaroğlu:’‘ killed ten days before his wedding”

An employee at Atatürk airport, Haznedaroğlu was just preparing to leave work when the attack took place. He was due to marry in ten days time.

‘‘He was seriously injured when he arrived at Bakırköy hospital. He died shortly after. That’s all I know. He was waiting for a bus at the entrance of the airport to go home. He was to marry in ten days,’‘ his soon to be mother-in-law said.

Among those killed in #Istanbul attacks, aid worker Yusuf Haznedaroğlu was due to get married in 10 days.

— Rudaw English (@RudawEnglish) 30 juin 2016

2- Umut Sakaroğlu, customs officer, 31-years-old: “If he hadn’t have acted the number of dead would have been far higher”

The gunmen attacked from three different points, opening fire and throwing grenades. One of them managed to get past the terminal’s X-ray scanners controlled by customs officers.
Umut Sakaroğlu, shot and wounded one of the attackers who then detonated an explosive vest killing ten people including Umut. According to witnesses, the death toll would have been much higher if Umut hadn’t have intervened.’‘

Canlı bombayı fark eden ve vuran kahraman, Gümrük Muhafaza Memuru Umut Sakaroğlu seninde ruhun şad olsun yiğit insan

— İbrahim Işık (@ManavluTurk) 29 juin 2016

Canlı bombaya kendini siper ederek şehid olan gümrük muhafaza memuru Umut Sakaroğlu(31-Hatay)Mekanı Cennet olsun

— Terör Analizleri (@teroranalizleri) 29 juin 2016

3- Ertan An : “His wife was six months pregnant”

Ertan was an interpreter and tourist guide. He was at the airport to drop off a group of tourists when the attackers struck.

Ertan leaves behind one child and his wife who is six-months pregnant.

Patlamada hayatını kaybeden Ertan An Dersim Pertekli. Kargo götürmüştü AHL'ye. Cenazesi Dersim'e gönderildi.

— Müjgan Halis (@mujganhalis) 29 juin 2016

4-Abdulhekim Buğda

Originally from east Turkestan Abdulhekim was working for Turkish Airlines at the airport. He had said on Facebook that he was safe at the time of the attack.

A close family friend said:’‘Yesterday, we learned that there had been an attack, but we did not know that Buğda was working that day. I looked on Facebook and saw that he had published a message to say he was safe. So I did not feel the need to call him. In the morning, we found out that he’d been seriously wounded. When we got to the hospital, we learned that he was already dead. “

TGS yer hizmetleri çalışanı Abdulhekim Buğda canlı bomba saldırısında hayatını kaybetti

— DirenEmek (@DirenEmekorg) 29 juin 2016

5-Göksel Kurnaz

From the city of Ordu, Göksel Kurnaz had gone to the airport to pick up her boss.

Patronunu beklerken hain saldırıda hayatını kaybetti

— isthaber (@isthaber) 29 juin 2016

6- Zeynep Çizmecioğlu and Mahmut Çizmecioğlu

Zeynep Çizmecioğlu et Mahmut Çizmecioğlu were also killed in the attack. The young married couple were working at the airport.

Mahmut Çizmecioğlu ve Zeynep Çizmecioğlu TGS yer hizmetlerinde çalışıyorlardı. Patlamada hayatını kaybetti

— DirenEmek (@DirenEmekorg) 29 juin 2016

7- Murat Güllüce “My princesses”


Murat Güllüce was working at a hotel and was an interpreter. He was married with four daughters.

From Erzurum in the east of Turkey, he leaves four daughters behind. A photo of them on his facebook has a comment which reads, ‘‘My princesses.’‘

Bi kaç saat önce sabır dilediklerimden biriyim,şehitlerimizden biride canım İncimin biricik abisi,abim Murat Güllüce

— Nagehan Coşkun (@CoskunNagehan) 30 juin 2016

8-Hüseyin Tunç

Hüseyin Tunç was a high-school teacher. The 28-year-old’s father died when he was 5-years-old and he had been working to provide an education for his family.

#hüseyintunç canım öğretmenim

— ümituzun (@umttuzun) 29 juin 2016

9- Gülşen Bahadır


An employee at Atatürk airport, Gülşen Bahadır was shot dead.

On her Facebook page a week ago she said:’‘I have never made war, I love.’‘

“I’ve never made war in my life. Never. Not for anything, neither my friends nor myself. I have never fought. This isn’t because I don’t have the strength to fight. I have chosen to resist this, because fighting and war never achieve anything. In war there are no winners, only losers. History is repeating itself, so stop fighting. I’m talking about physical combat and also psychological conflict.’‘

_Butterfly1974</a> <br><br>Demiş Gülşen Bahadır (patlamada yaşamını yitirdi) <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Zuhal (_Butterfly1974) 30 juin 2016

10- Mustafa Bıyıklı (51)

51-year-old father of three Mustafa Bıyıklı was a taxi driver.


Atatürk Havalimanı'ndaki bombalı saldırıda hayatını kaybeden 51 yaşındaki Mustafa Bıyıklı Taksi şoförüydü.

— DirenEmek (@DirenEmekorg) 29 juin 2016

11- Çağlayan Çöl

27-year-old Çağlayan worked on one of the help desks at the airport.

Dün akşam meydana gelen patlamada Osmancık Başpınar Köyünden Çağlayan Çöl’ün de hayatını kaybettiği öğrenildi.

— Osmancık (@osmancik9) 29 juin 2016

Laryssa Tsepakova from Ukraine was also killed in the attack. The 47-year-old was from Odessa.

Laryssa was going back to Ukraine after a holiday with her husband and 24-year old son, Odessa-based news website

She was injured by a bomb blast and died due to a loss of blood.

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