'Stronger, Safer, Better off': Remain camp makes one final push against Brexit

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By Sarah Taylor  with Reuters
'Stronger, Safer, Better off': Remain camp makes one final push against Brexit

Campaigning is over, now all the Remain camp can do is wait… And vote.

This vote, if we leave, is irreversible.

David Cameron Prime Minister of the UK

British Prime Minister David Cameron made one last push to remind the electorate of the finality of the situation, should the UK decide to leave the European Union.

A record number of voters – 46,499,537 – are registered to cast their ballot in Thursday’s (June 23) referendum.

“This vote, if we leave, is irreversible. If you jump out of the aeroplane you cannot clamber back through the cockpit hatch. This is a choice, not just for this parliament, the next five years, the next 10 years; it is the choice of a lifetime for people in our country, particularly young people,” Cameron warned during a rally in Birmingham.

In a rare move, his rival and leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn was on the same page as the prime minister.

“The vote is tomorrow, do what’s best for our people. Vote for jobs, vote for rights at work, vote for our NHS (National Health Service), vote to remain in the European Union,” he urged.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is also staunchly pro-Remain, but warned her country would look after its own interests.

“I want a Remain result in every part of the UK and right across the UK, that’s what I hope we’re celebrating on Friday. Our manifesto though for the Scottish election last month said that if Scotland faced the prospect of being taken out of the EU against our will, having voted to stay in, then of course the Scottish parliament should have the right to propose a second referendum.”

They’re not the only ones to push for a Remain vote. The City of London, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and most British business leaders also back their call to stay in the EU.

And, with Euro 2016 well underway, German daily Bild has taken the bold step of agreeing to acknowledge that 1966 World Cup goal if the UK votes to Remain.

Voting ‘Remain’

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Opinion polls in the run-up to the referendum have suggested the outcome is too close to call.