See Nicolae Ceausescu's gold bathroom

See Nicolae Ceausescu's gold bathroom
By Catherine Hardy

The infamous Romanian dictator's private palace is open for visitors in Bucharest and includes a private cinema, silk carpets and walls of gifts from world leaders.

Decadence is exactly the right word for this

The Romanian authorities have opened the doors of the official residence of former communist President Nicolae Ceaușescu.

The Spring Palace in the upmarket Bucharest neighbourhood of “Primaverii
“ or “Spring” has:

  • its own cinema
  • mosaics
  • a gold bathroom
  • a staircase lined with gold tiles
  • gifts from world leaders on the walls
  • carved wood walls
  • silk carpets

Up to 500 people are able to visit the palace at weekends.

The Ceausescus

Nicolae Ceausescu governed Romania for 25 years, during which time his family enjoyed a life of luxury and privilege.

The Ceausescus were shot dead after a summary trial during an anti-communist revolt in 1989.

However, fascination with the couple and their opulent lifestyle endures.

How much are the tickets?

From 15 lei to 45 lei, approximately three to ten euros.

What they are saying

“The Spring Palace is marking almost 26 years since the end of communism in Romania. This building was the principal and private residence of the Ceausescu couple for more than 25 years. The Romanian state decided to open it to the public because this is an important era in Romanian history, good or bad. Let’s not forget that Ceausescu was one of the most influential communist leaders in central and eastern Europe,” – Stancu Andrei, Spring Palace tour guide.

“I think it was a very good idea for this palace to be opened to the public. It is good for the Romanians to see how they (the Ceausescus) lived in that period and the decadence in which they lived. Decadence is exactly the right word for this,” Norbert Lendrich, German tourist.

“I had the opportunity to visit the Shah’s palace in Tehran, but this palace is more interesting and has many more things to show,” – Wolfgang Frank, German tourist.

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