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British PM slams some Brexiters' arguments as 'untruths'

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By Euronews
British PM slams some Brexiters' arguments as 'untruths'

Just hours ahead of a televised debate on Britain’s future relationship with the European Union, British Prime Minister David Cameron said he is concerned that people are being given “factual errors” by the Brexiters.

Key figures in the ‘leave’ campaign are senior members of Cameron’s conservative party.

When asked by a reporter why his own cabinet colleagues on the ‘leave’ side were getting things so wrong, he said: “This organisation [the EU] can be very frustrating… There are times it drives me crazy, but it shouldn’t drive us so crazy that we start making factual errors about what we do face.

“So it is not for me to say why they have made these factual errors and mistakes. But I think it is for me to call it out and to say I think this is an important moment in the campaign. Don’t make this choice on the basis of false information.”

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Several recent polls have suggested the leave camp was gaining momentum ahead of a June 23 referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the bloc.

David Cameron will answer questions about Britain’s future relationship with the EU in a televised debate tonight (June 7) at 10 p.m. on Euronews.