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Destination Indiana in the presidential primary trail

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By Euronews
Destination Indiana in the presidential primary trail
  • Trump – “win in Indiana and its over for rivals
  • Confident Clinton focuses on presidential race
  • Cruz still hopes to block Trump winning nomination

A sweeping victory for Donald Trump in today’s Indiana primary will put another nail in the coffin of his rivals’ hopes of stopping him from clinching the Republican nomination outright.

Trump has already amassed around 1000 of the 1237 he needs for a done deal and opinion polls are giving him yet another big win.

“But here’s what you do here’s what you do. You got to vote. And we got to keep this movement going. We will make America so great maybe greater than ever before. You know if we win it’s over, and then I can focus, then I don’t have to worry about lying Ted Cruz and I don’t care if he endorses me or doesn’t I couldn’t care less.”

But Ted Cruz and John Kasich are counting on Indiana acting as a Trump firewall, blocking him from getting those remaining delegates and forcing a contested Republican convention in July.

Democrat Hillary Clinton has increasingly turned her attention beyond her party’s nomination fight, towards the actual presidential race.

“I believe strongly that we have to keep making things, in America. I am a make-it-in-America fanatic, and I have a whole plan about revitalizing manufacturing. You know, I’ll give anybody a tax credit if they will bring a plant, if they will employ people, if they’ll be part of the manufacturing economy.”

Clinton has a large lead over rival Bernie Sanders, and needs only 21 per cent of remaining Democratic delegates to win her party’s nomination.

But Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist senator is not throwing in the towel.