Demining Palmyra - scores of bombs feared hidden in the historic city

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By Catherine Hardy  with Reuters, RU24
Demining Palmyra - scores of bombs feared hidden in the historic city

Russian experts

A group of Russian sappers, or military engineers, is preparing to leave on an unusual mission in Syria.

Russian television says they will help with the de-mining process in Palmyra.

Syrian officials say 150 bombs have already been removed from inside the archaeological site in the historic city.

They were reportedly planted by ISIL fighters.

Retaking Palmyra

Syrian government forces, backed by significant Russian air support, drove ISIL out of Palmyra on Sunday March 27.

Analysts say the loss of the city is a big setback for ISIL.

It opens up the route leading east to the group’s strongholds of Raqqa and Deir al-Zor.


Many of Palmyra’s temples and tombs have been dynamited by ISIL fighters in what the UN says is a war crime.

However, drone footage suggests some colonnades and structures, including the famous theatre, are still standing.

Latest drone footage suggests historic Palmyra may have survived ISIL

It is suggested up to 80% of the historic site may have survived.

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Preliminary evidence suggests Palmyra has survived ISIL Experts think as much as 80% of the historic city could still be intact

Palmyra could be restored in five years Syrian troops relax by playing football in the streets of the retaken city.