Fighting despair in Idomeni

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By Catherine Hardy  with Euronews Greece
Fighting despair in Idomeni

It is another cold night in Idomeni. People burn wood and cardboard in order to get warm.

There is a huge need here and people are suffering

At the food distribution point there is tension. Most of the kids want more.

Aafke Zuidervliet from Amsterdam tries to help the hungry refugees.

The 37-year-old quit her job and came to Idomeni to cook for them.

“There is a huge need here and people are suffering. They get stuck at the border and I really wanted to do something for them. It’s cold so it’s nice to have some warm food, some vegetables and potatoes,” she says.

The weather makes life very difficult.

Some kids have nothing but a balloon to play with.

Abir managed to bring her violin from Syria.Her daughter Isra brought their cat.

They want to get to Stockholm, where Miran, their son and brother, has lived since 2013.

At the center of the camp, men discuss the border closures. Ali from Damascus says some here are in despair.

“Go back to Syria? Of course not! We cannot go back to Turkey, either. What can we do? I don’t know. Maybe we will try to cross the borders in a peaceful, peaceful way. If we can.”

Euronews Correspondent Apostolos Staikos is at the camp in Idomeni:

“They may be trapped at the FYROM border but these refugees are ready to do whatever it takes to get to northern Europe. Even though some countries raise walls in order to stop them, most refugees say there is no turning back.”