Stabbings and shootings across Jerusalem and the West Bank

Stabbings and shootings across Jerusalem and the West Bank
By Catherine Hardy  with REUTERS, APTN

At least two people have been killed and several others injured in attacks at a supermarket and outside Jerusalem's Old City.

  • Palestinian shot dead outside Jerusalem Old City
  • Hundreds attend funeral of stabbed Israeli soldier

The news

Israeli security services have shot dead a Palestinian man after he stabbed two police officers outside Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday.

This is a new, troubling phase

The two officers, who are in their twenties, were lightly wounded.

The attacker is thought to be a 20-year-old from East Jerusalem.

A female bystander is believed to have been injured when the security forces opened fire.

West Bank stabbing

It comes a day after a 21-year-old off-duty soldier was stabbed to death in the West Bank.

A second person was seriously wounded in the attack, which was carried out by two Palestinian youths.

Hundreds of Israelis turned out on Friday for the funeral of Sergeant Tuvia Weissman.

Rising tension – the context

This latest wave of violence began last October.

It has been fuelled by factors including a dispute over Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque.

The growth of Jewish settlements on land Palestinians have earmarked for an independent state is another major source of disagreement.

  • 28 Israeli citizens have been killed by Palestinians
  • A US citizen has also been killed

Israel says young Palestinians are being incited to violence by their leaders and by Islamist groups calling for Israel’s destruction.

  • 164 Palestinians, many of whom were teenagers, have been killed by Israeli security forces
  • Israel says 108 were attackers
  • The others died during violent protests

Palestinian leaders say that, with no breakthrough on the horizon, desperate youngsters see no future ahead.

What they are saying

“The terrorist attacked a police team from behind, stabbed and lightly wounded them. The team responded with gunfire and neutralised teh terrorist.”Luba Samri, Israeli police spokesperson.

“This is a new, troubling phase. Israeli and Palestinian leaders must provide a political horizon to their people and reject incitement by extremists in their own camps.”Nickolay Mladenov, UN envoy on Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking, briefing UN Security Council on Thursday.

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