Latino vote proves crucial for Democrats in Nevada

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By Catherine Hardy  with Reuters
Latino vote proves crucial for Democrats in Nevada

The news

US Democrat presidential candidates have gone head-to-head in a town hall debate ahead of this weekend’s caucus in Nevada.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders each had an hour to take questions from residents of the state.

Nevada – a ‘prize state’?

Nevada, which has a large Latino population, is due to hold its presidential caucus this Saturday.

Latinos make up around 27 percent of Nevada’s population. They lean heavily towards the Democrat vote.

This means it is a prize state for Clinton and Sanders.

Nevada was also particularly badly hit by the 2008 financial meltdown.

Hundreds of thousands of people were unable to pay their mortgages and lost their homes.

Las Vegas, Nevada’s biggest city, has seen some of the country’s highest foreclosure rate

What do the polls say?

There has been limited polling in Nevada so far.

However, nationally, Clinton has 54 percent support among Latinos who described themselves as Democrats.

37 percent back Sanders, according to the research by Reuters/Ipsos.