Ceasefire in Syria?

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By Euronews
Ceasefire in Syria?

In the Syrian capital Damascus residents have been reflecting on the decision taken in Munich for a “cessation of hostilities” in Syria’s near five-year civil war.

One man expressed cautious optimism: “We hope there will be new attempts at peace, we hope peace spreads, and that the shelling, siege, and shootings all stop.”

Another urged the government to press for outright military victory:
“Since our army has the advantage nowadays, I hope the siege continues till they are all eliminated.”

The story is different away from the capital in Idlib province.

A member of the Islamist group Jund al-Aqsa called into question the validity of the decision: “You talk about a ceasefire and call our brothers from al Nusra and Jund al Aqsa and other Islamic groups terrorists. What kind of ceasefire is this. Meanwhile you are mobilising to kill our Mujahideen brothers in the Levant. What kind of ceasefire is this!”

The exhausted Free Syrian Army says the regime, backed by Russia, is not interested political solutions, but will use the ceasefire to surround the opposition.