Iran: German Foreign Minister wraps up two-day visit

Iran: German Foreign Minister wraps up two-day visit
By Euronews  with REUTERS, AFP

The aim is to develop and strengthen bilateral trade ties and geopolitical relationships

Germany is the latest country to take part in the international diplomatic charm offensive surrounding Iran.

The German Foreign Minister has been on a two-day visit to Tehran.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier also met Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during his visit.

The German Chamber of Commerce hopes to quadruple exports to Iran to top 10 billion euros in four years time.

It is Steinmeier’s second visit to Tehran in three months and comes after Iran signed an international agreement about its nuclear programme.

This led to international sanctions being lifted.

Steinmeier’s next stop is Saudi Arabia.

Ties with Tehran were broken off in January in the wake of Iranian anger over Riyadh’s execution of a respected Shia cleric.

Our correspondent in Tehran, Javad Montareri, says Germany wants to play an intelligent role in stabilising the region. However, Mr Steinmeier’s attempts to improve relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia do not seem to be bearing fruit in the short term, he adds.

BA resumes flights to Iran

Foreign markets continue to open up for Iran.

British Airways has announced it will begin direct flights from London’s Heathrow airport to Tehran from July 1.

The UK flag-carrier will launch the route as a six-flights-per-week service before moving to daily flights at the end of the year.

Operating company International Consolidated Airlines Group said last month it hoped to begin flights following the lifting of sanctions.

Germany and Iran – some key dates

  • 1952 – Iran opens first diplomatic mission in Berlin
  • 1972 – West German Chancellor Willy Brandt visits Tehran, signs import-export deal
  • 1975 – W. Germany is second biggest supplier of non-military equipment to Tehran
  • 1992 – Mykonos restaurant assassinations and trial in Berlin severely test relations

Germany and Iran – trade

  • 50 – German firms with branch office in Iran
  • 12,000 – German firms with trade representative in Iran
  • Several renowned German companies are involved in infrastructure and petrochemical sector in Iran (more )
  • 80% – reported amount of Iran’s non-military machinery and equipment that is of German origin.
  • 4.7 billion euros – the value of trade between Germany and Iran in 2010 (more)

(Source: Wikipedia)

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