Red wristband plan for migrants dropped in UK

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By Euronews  with APTN, UK HOME OFFICE
Red wristband plan for migrants dropped in UK
  • Red wristbands for food plan scrapped
  • Critics said it was dehumanising
  • Red doors plan in Middlesborough dropped

A company in South Wales in the UK plans to stop asking asylum seekers to wear a red wristband as a condition for getting food.

The coloured bands were given to people staying at Lynx House in Cardiff.

They are entitled to three meals a day.

Labour MP for Cardiff Central Jo Stevens says the system was dehumanising and made people targets for abuse.

“We are talking about asylum seekers who are fleeing persecution and war in their home countries.”

“They don’t want to be visible, that is the whole point. They’re trying to blend in to the community and there are plenty of other methods of having people show identification in order to gain access to Lynx House and in order to get their three meals a day, which is all they get.”


The news comes days after asylum seekers in the northern town of Middlesborough said they were being singled out by having their doors painted red.

“We are seeing a pattern. I am very concerned. The Home Office is contracting out to private companies management of various functions.

“We had the incidents in Middlesbrough last week where properties housing asylum seekers had had their doors painted a certain colour and people were suffering abuse.”

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