Moldova: protesters storm Parliament

Moldova: protesters storm Parliament
By Euronews with APTN, AFP
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Anger boils over as a pro-EU government is voted into office

  • Protesters storm Moldovan Parliament
  • Pro-EU government approved
  • Russian opposition boycotted the vote

The news


Hundreds of protesters storm police lines to get into the parliament building in Moldova.

BREAKING: #Protesters in #Chisinau storm #Moldova's parliament building

— Alex Kokcharov (@AlexKokcharov) January 20, 2016

Their anger over missing public funds erupted as a new pro-European government was approved to end months of political deadlock.

#EU calls on all parties in #Moldova to engage in dialogue amid protests

— Sputnik (@SputnikInt) January 20, 2016

Protesters waved the Moldovan flag and chanted “cancel the vote” outside the parliament building as politicians met inside.

Today's protests in #Moldova vs new government. Live (text, video):

— Nina Byzantina (@NinaByzantina) January 20, 2016

In #Moldova it seething … citizens stormed the Parliament.

— Onlinemagazin (@OnlineMagazin) January 20, 2016

Police arrived and forced the protesters back.

Tear gas was reportedly used.

Breaking:Government led by PM Pavel Filip was voted by 57 MPs of the Parliament
In a hurry.

— (@moldovaorg) January 20, 2016

Parliament approved the pro-European government of former technology minister Pavel Filip with 57 votes out of a total of 101.

He has promised closer ties with Europe.

The pro-Russian opposition boycotted the vote.

The context

Moldova background:
-Vote boycotted by pro-Russians
-Pavel Filip, pro-EU, now PM
-One of Europe’s poorest countries

— (@reportedly) January 20, 2016

Moldova is one of Europe’s poorest countries.

It has been shaken by protests since 915 million euros mysteriously disappeared from its banking system in 2014.

The previous government was dismissed in October due to a corruption scandal.

What they are saying

Describing the scene

Dramatic,chaotic situation in Moldova-not clear:for whom and against whom are protesting people. The lack of social trust is a key challenge

— Michał Boni (@MichalBoni) January 20, 2016

In the meantime, in #Chisinau, #Moldova, pro-russian protesters are storming the Parliament building now.

— Gregor Martin (@Guderian_Xaba) January 20, 2016

Protesters’ voices

“It is a mockery to form a government responsible for our lives and destiny in such a short time, while seeing so many gathered outside the windows and walls of parliament. They have humiliated us!”

“We are not satisfied with the members or how this government was formed. They act like bandits, not members of parliament.”

Calling for calm

Events in #Moldova: #EU calls for calm, restraint & dialogue of all stakeholders to find way forward

— Maja Kocijančič (@MajaEUspox) January 20, 2016

EU Calls on All Parties in Moldova to Engage in Dialogue Amid Protests

— global news (@globnewsen) January 20, 2016

Claims of biased reporting

I'm noticing that pro-Russian twitter accounts appear quite supportive of this crowd in front of #Moldova parliament.

— Evgen Vorobiov (@vorobyov) January 20, 2016

Western-media coverage of #Moldova is limited, since the protest is against a pro-EU govt

— Nina Byzantina (@NinaByzantina) January 20, 2016

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