Greece faces first 2016 protests against reforms

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By Robert Hackwill
Greece faces first 2016 protests against reforms

The Greek government’s plans for pension reforms have brought thousands of farmers out on the streets in protests in the north of the country, and in Athens it was pensioners who voiced their anger.

The farmers have threatened to block key roads with their tractors on Wednesday.

“We have to stop this pension reform plan, because in the end we will be left both without pensions and without health care. They just keep cutting and cutting with each bailout that comes,” said one elderly woman in Athens.

“Their goal is for social security as we know it to cease to exist,” said an 82-year-old man.

Unions have called a general strike for February 4 to protest against the pension and labour market reforms international creditors say Greece needs to revive its economy. However arguments that Greece continuing with austerity is counter-productive are gaining ground in some quarters.