El Gordo: Spain goes crazy for "The Fat One"

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By Euronews  with Reuters
El Gordo: Spain goes crazy for "The Fat One"

Spain’s annual Christmas lottery draw is held on Tuesday in Madrid.

Drawing winners for El Gordo, or “The Big One”, can take up to five hours. Two children present each winning ball to the panel of judges, while singing out the numbers.

But it is worth it – this year’s prize fund is 2.24 billion euros.

One set of balls corresponds with lottery ticket numbers.

The second refers to differing amounts of prize money.

You need both to know if and how much you have won.

Queues form overnight

People queued overnight outside the Royal Theatre in Madrid to be in the audience for the draw.

“I have been coming for the last four years,“said one woman, “and this year I chose to come as a lottery roller so I can pick the winning number for myself.”

Spain’s Christmas lottery began in 1812 and has become an annual tradition.