Turkey-Iraq: Troop withdrawal or re-organisation?

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By Euronews  with AFP
Turkey-Iraq: Troop withdrawal or re-organisation?
  • Turkish military convoy leaves Bashika camp near Mosul
  • Baghdad asked UN Security Council on Friday to tell Turkey to withdraw its troops
  • Ankara refuses withdrawal, but talks about “re-organisation”
  • Turkish troops helping train Peshmerga fighters to combat ISIL, who hold Mosul.

Turkish troops on the move near Mosul

A detachment of Turkish troops has left its camp close to the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

The convoy of military vehicles, including tanks, has left the Bashika base

Turkish military sources say they are moving north.

Training the Peshmerga

Two weeks ago, Ankara deployed hundreds of military personnel to the base near Mosul.

Iraq’s second city is currently held by ISIL.

Their presence is not welcome. On Friday, Baghdad asked the UN Security Council to order the Turkish forces out of Iraq.

Ankara say the troops are on site to protect people who are training Peshmerga fighters linked to the regional Iraqi Kurd government, along with other volunteers keen to fight the self-titled Islamic State.

Officials are refusing to withdraw their troops but say a re-organisation is possible.

Protests across Iraq

Anti-Turkish protests have been held in several Iraqi cities.