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Third Paris bomber identified and named as 23-year-old Frenchman

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By Keith Walker
Third Paris bomber identified and named as 23-year-old Frenchman

A third Paris suicide bomber has been identified as a 23-year-old Frenchman.

Officials said Foued Mohammed-Aggad died in the attack on the Bataclan concert hall.

Most of the 130 people massacred in Paris on November 13 died in the music venue.

All the attackers identified so far have been native French speakers who joined ISIL fighters in Syria.

Mohammed-Aggad.was one of about a dozen men from the French city of Strasbourg who left for the war zone two years ago.

Saiid Mohamed-Aggad, father of Foued Mohamed-Aggad, said he had no idea his son was in the country and if he know what he was planning he would have killed his son himself.

“I didn’t know he came back,” said his father. “I knew in was there [in Syria], he left two years ago. He came back here. I didn’t know.

Q: You are surprised?

Saiid Mohamed-Aggad: “Of course I am surprised. Of course.”

Q: Could you have imagine that?

Saiid Mohamed-Aggad: “I would have killed him before.”

Q: You said you didn’t understand when he started growing a beard..

Saiid Mohamed-Aggad: “Like everybody. Everybody grows a beard, even (inaudible) has a beard (inaudible). Beard is not a reason, it’s not a proof that the guy is radicalised.”

Q: But he never told you anything about that?

Saiid Mohamed-Aggad: “No, nothing, nothing. Young people now don’t say anything and I’m working. I work all day long on a construction site.”

Q: And you didn’t suspect anything?

Saiid Mohamed-Aggad: “Nothing, nothing.”

Q “When did you speak to him for the last time?

Saiid Mohamed-Aggad: “Two years ago, when he left.”