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Trump's comments condemned by Muslims around the world

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By Euronews
Trump's comments condemned by Muslims around the world

Indonesia, home of the world’s largest Muslim population, is adding its voice to the global outrage over Donald Trump’s comments.

The country’s top Muslim clerical body says his call for Muslims to be banned from entering America are Islamophobic.

“Very pity to say that a person, the candidate of American President, made this such statement, as if he generalised that all Muslims are terrorists,” said Muhyidin Junaidi, Head of Foreign Affairs at the Ulema Council.

“This is a kind of Islamophobia, which has been repeated from time to time.”

There is criticism in Pakistan too. One student in Islamabad said last week’s shootings in California – with two Muslim suspects – must not be used against all Muslims.

“We admit that it is a very bad thing, but our entire nation should not be punished over one bad act of some individuals,” said Imtisal Ahmed, who studies at Preston University in the Pakistani capital.

“Also for a bad act of one human being, you cannot punish the whole Muslim nation.”

In Ramallah, one Palestinian-American business consultant said that Trump’s comments are sure to alienate US voters.

“The sense of racism across America is not only addressed at Muslim-Americans but its addressed at all ethnic communities within the States,” said Sam Bahour.

“He will do himself very well by buying a three-dollar calculator to figure out how much he is going to lose by.

“You cannot alienate voting populations, clusters of voting populations across the States and still think that you are relevant in the US political system.”

Polls have shown a stark divide between Republicans and Democrats in how they view Muslims – who number about three million in America, or less than one percent of the population.