Venezuela poised for swing to the right as campaign ends ahead of vote

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By Euronews  with Reuters
Venezuela poised for swing to the right as campaign ends ahead of vote

Campaigning has drawn to a close ahead of Sunday’s (December 6) parliamentary election in Venezuela.

For the first time in sixteen years, the vote is expected to swing in favour of the country’s right-wing opposition.

The late Hugo Chavez’s socialist “Chavismo” movement is feeling the heat. Under his successor, President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela has been stricken with shortages of basic supplies and the world’s worst inflation.

But, despite the prospect of losing, Maduro continued fighting to the end of the campaign:
“Sunday’s decision is a choice between two models: the rebellious, pure, Bolivarian and Chavista homeland; or the anti-homeland, back-stabber, yankee and crooked right-wing.”

If the opposition Democratic Unity coalition wins the majority in the country’s 167-seat National Assembly, it has vowed to tackle what it sees as nearly 17 years of mismanagement, corruption and authoritarianism.

Jesus Torrealba, Secretary of Venezuelan opposition alliance told supporters:
“We also know how to struggle, fight and win and let the government be aware that we will earn, defend and execute this victory.”

He labelled the campaign the “dirtiest electoral process our country has seen in the past 17 years.”

If Venezuela votes for the right wing, it will join fellow South American nation Argentina, which swung from the left in elections last month (November 22).