Germany introduces 'temporary' controls along Austrian border

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By Euronews  with REUTERS, DPA
Germany introduces 'temporary' controls along Austrian border

Ahead of an EU Interior Ministers’ crisis meeting on Monday the strain of absorbing so many refugees may be starting to tell in Germany.

Berlin is reintroducing border controls starting with its Austrian frontier, and has suspended rail traffic from there until Monday morning. Hundreds had to leave their train in Salzburg, and are now in an underground car park.

Railway stations around the country are beginning to resemble camps, with people sleeping where they can and luggage laying in piles.

“The Dublin Rules and the regulations on registration are still in force. And I ask all EU member states to maintain them. That means, the responsible member state has not only to register the asylum seeker but also to conduct the follow-up of any asylum request,” said German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere.

In Bavaria, the first stop for most of the people seeking refuge, the state government has held an emergency meeting to discuss the situation as Munich station is overflowing and refugee trains will no longer stop there. Instead the terminus will be moved further north in a bid to relieve pressure and get the migrants moving more smoothly to their final destinations in other states.