Greece's reform vortex

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By Euronews
Greece's reform vortex

Late during Wednesday night, the parliament in Athens approved the eurozone and ECB’s conditions for a new financial rescue. These include selling publicly owned assets to private enterprise. F3

The day of the parliament’s vote, public sector workers demonstrated against privatisation and other conditions Alexis Tsipras had accepted. But there weren’t as many as in past demos, even though this time pharmacists joined them. Swiss RSI

Wednesday was the first day of strikes since Syriza was elected to govern. The trains stopped, as this sector is among those expected to undergo economic liberalisation. Swiss SF1

Greeks still had to queue at ATMs to take out 60 euros in cash per day maximum, the limit banks imposed on 29th June. In spite of uncertainty, they looked forward to the banks reopening on the 20th July. Portuguese RTP