"AGreekment" reached after all night EU emergency summit in Brussels

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By Euronews
"AGreekment" reached after all night EU emergency summit in Brussels

It started with a tweet from Brussels and grew to a social media avalanche. Politicians, journalists and the Greek public were left in no doubt a deal had been reached at the EU emergency summit.

A wave of relief cut through fatigue and political tension. The detail? That was initially in short supply. Talk of humiliation for the Greeks, of the Germans forcing Athens into a corner was brushed aside.

Here were EU leaders brimming with pride and sound bites.

“Today we had only one objective: to reach an agreement. After 17 hours of negotiations we have finally reached it. Some one can say we have an “agreekment”“, European Council President Donald Tusk told reporters.

Political compromise had been reached and there would be no falling out of the monetary or political bloc. The EU Commission reacted in measured tones.

“The Commission has always insisted on the fact we could not accept any form of Grexit. There will not be a Grexit. As regards the substance we are satisfied with the result that we have been able to reach,” said European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker.

No economic abyss for Greeks, sleep for the journalists and now a waiting game as the implication of the detail in the agreement spreads across Athens’ political and economic landscape and hits the streets of Greece.