Greece: referendum voters cast their ballot

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By Catherine Hardy  with APTN
Greece: referendum voters cast their ballot

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has cast his vote in the Greek referendum.

Crowds gathered to witness the scene at the polling station in Athens.

Polls suggest Greece remains deeply divided over whether to accept the conditions attached to international bailout funds needed to avoid default and a banking collapse. The government has urged voters to vote “No”, but some fear this could mean Greece is ejected from the eurozone.

“I think the “Yes” vote should prevail,” said one man, “there is no other solution. I hope things will improve, the situation now is drastic.”

“I voted for Tsipras,” said another, “and I plan to vote “no”. I have lived in Europe and I know that citizens have more rights when their country is a member. There are advantages to being in Europe but that is not what this is about.”

Greece’s current bailout programme with the European Commission, International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank ran out on last Tuesday.

Banks have been shut all week. Strict limits have been imposed on cash withdrawals.

Who Greece owes money to: