Life in the shadow of debt

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By Euronews
Life in the shadow of debt

As the Greek debt crisis casts uncertainty across the country and the wider European project, all strata of Greek society are concerned about the outcome.

For young business people bringing in the money to pay salaries and repay loans is a serious concern.

These are the thoughts of the Martatos brothers, first Giannis he set-up Terrabook an Internet tourist company: “This prolonged negotiation is a catastrophe for us the more it continues the worse it gets. I mean it is a catastrophe in the true sense of the word. No matter what business, no matter what transaction, all we hear is wait and see what happens, because we have no idea what will happen from day to day.”

Vasilis in a bar manager in central Athens it opened in the middle of the crisis and survives by adjusting to the new reality based solely on price.

One subject reverberates round the bar:
“We are all worried. Our customers are worried, they don’t talk about anything else. They talk about the crisis and what will happen the next day and where things are headed. The conversations are debt scenarios, scenarios,scenarios.”

Euronews correspondent in Athens is Fay Doulgkeri: “Maybe the bars and the restaurants are full, nevertheless the words insecurity and uncertainty pack every conversation. The same goes for the young businesspeople they are expressing their deep concerns for the future, at the same time stressing that the market is showing no movement whatsoever.”