EXCLUSIVE: Greek statement on debt talks

EXCLUSIVE: Greek statement on debt talks
By Efi Koutsokosta
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The Greek negotiating team has issued a revised proposal to the European Commission, European Bank and International Monetary Fund.

A Greek source who has been at the heart of the negotiations gave the following reaction to Euronews’ Efi Koutsokosta:
“The Greek authorities submitted a revised proposal concerning the fiscal targets and the required measures to achieve them” a Greek government source told Euronews “the Greek side has clearly become more ambitious in primary surplus targets in order to restore credibility”.

“Moreover, the proposal contains important improvements in both administrative and parametric measures that achieve substantial revenue increases. The most notable revision concerns the VAT reform that obtains higher revenues (1.4 billion euros annually) without increasing the rates for basic goods, such as medicine, energy and food”.

“The Greek government is fully committed to maintain fiscal stability and follow the common rules of the Eurozone without compromising its redistributive objectives and its political mandate. The revised proposals clearly prove the intention to shift the burden of fiscal adjustment from the poor and the middle-class towards the more wealthy Greeks who remained effectively untouched by the previous program”.

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