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The complete blacklist of EU officials banned from Russia

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By Thomas Seymat
The complete blacklist of EU officials banned from Russia


  1. Mark DEMESMAEKER. MEP, ECR group.
  2. Guy VERHOFSTADT. MEP, member of the AFCO committee of the European Parliament, member of the EP political group leaders’ conference.
  3. Bulgaria

  4. Ilian VASILEV. Former ambassador of Bulgaria to Russia, co-owner of the consulting firm Innovative Energy Solutions.
  5. Czech Republic

  6. Stefan FÜLE. Former European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy. Diplomat, politician.
  7. Marek ZENISEK. MP for the TOP-09 party, deputy-chairman of the party.
  8. Karel SCHWARZENBERG. Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the chamber of deputies of the Czech Parliament. TOP-09 party leader.
  9. Jaromir STETINA. MEP, EPP group. Chairman of the sub-committee on Defence and Security, member of the AFET committee of the European Parliament.
  10. Denmark

  11. Thomas AHRENKIEL. Head of the Danish Defence Intelligence Service,
  12. Daniel CARLSEN. Leader of the Danes’ Party
  13. Lene DESPERSEN. Former speaker for foreign and defence politics for the Conservative People’s Party.
  14. Per STIGMOLLER. Chairman of the Parlement’s committee on foreign policy. Spokesman on EU politics for the for the Conservative People’s Party, former minister of foreign affairs.
  15. Estonia

  16. Tunne KELAM. MEP, member of the AFET committee.
  17. Meelis KIILI. Brigadier general, commander of the national defence forces.
  18. Kristina OJULAND. Former member of the AFET committee of the European Parliament.
  19. Andres PARVE. Vice-chairman of the Union for Arms Industry. Head of the Estonian delegation to the NATO Industrial Advisory group.
  20. Urmas REINSALU. Former defence minister. Head of the party Pro Patria and Res Publica Union.
  21. Arnold SINISALU. General director of the security police.
  22. Riho TERRAS. Major general, supreme commander of the armed forces.
  23. Arthur TIGANIK. Deputy-supreme commander of the armed forces.
  24. Finland

  25. Heidi Anneli HAUTALA. MEP, Greens/EFA group.
  26. France

  27. Daniel COHN-BENDIT. Former MEP, Greens group.
  28. Bruno LE ROUX. MP and chairman of the Socialist, Radical, Citizen and Miscellaneous Left group at the French National Assembly.
  29. Bernard-Henri LEVY. Public figure.
  30. Henri MALOSSE. President of the European Economic and Social Committee.
  31. Greece

  32. Theodore MARGELLOS. Co-owner of the consulting firm Informed Judgment Partners.
  33. Germany

  34. Karl-Georg WELLMANN. Chairman of the German-Ukrainian parlementary group, member of the CDU party.
  35. Uwe CORSEPIUS. Secretary general of the Council of the European Union
  36. Michael FUCHS. Vice-chairman of the CDU/CSU in the Bundestag.
  37. Rebecca HARMS. Member of the EP political group leaders’ conference.
  38. Karl MÜLLNER. Lieutenant general, chief of staff of the German air force.
  39. Bernd POSSELT. Federal chairman of the Sudeten German Homeland Association. Former MEP, EPP group.
  40. Katrin SUDER. State secretary at the Federal Ministry of Defence.
  41. Latvia

  42. Solvita ABOLTINA. Speaker of the Latvian Parliament, president of the Unity party,
  43. Gediminas GRINA. Former director of the department for national security.
  44. Sandra KALNIETE. MEP, EPP group.
  45. Andrius KUBILUS. Member of the Latvian parliament. Chairman of the party Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats.
  46. Vytautas LANDSBERGIS. Former member of the AFET committee of the European Parliament , Honorary chairman of the party Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats.
  47. Jovita NELIUPSIENE. Head of the foreign politics group to the Latvian president.
  48. Artis PABRIKIS. MP.
  49. Inese VAIDERE. MEP and member of the AFET committee of the European Parliament
  50. Roberts ZILE. MEP, ECR group.
  51. Lithuania

  52. Petras AUSTREVICIUS. MEP, ALDE group
  53. Arturas PALAUSKAS. Chairman of the committee for national security and defence. Former speaker of Parliament.
  54. Edmundas VAITEKUNAS. Chairman of the commission for Lithuanian radio and television.
  55. The Netherlands

  56. Louis BONTES. Member of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands and former chairman of the For the Netherlands party.
  57. Johannes Cornelis Van BAALEN. MEP, member of the AFET committee of the European Parliament
  58. Michiel SERVAES. Member of the house of Representatives for the Labour party.
  59. Poland

  60. Ryszard ANTONILEGUTKO. MEP, ECR group.
  61. Bogdan BORUSEWICZ. Chairman (marshall) of the Polish Senate. Member of the Council for national safety.
  62. Jerzy BUZEK. MEP, member of the AFET committee of the European Parliament.
  63. Ryszard CZARNECKI. Vice-president of the EP, ECR group.
  64. Andrzej FALKOWSKI. Polish military representative in the military committee of NATO and the EU in Brussesl. Former deputy-head of the general staff of the Polish armed forces.
  65. Anna Elzbieta FOTYGA. MEP, ECR group. Chairwoman of SEDE, the EP’s subcommittee on Security and Defence.
  66. Maciej HUNIA. Head of the foreign intelligence agency.
  67. Pawel KOWAL. Former chairman of the EP delegation in the committee for the EU-Ukraine parliamentary cooperation.
  68. Stanislav KOZIEJ. Secretary at the national security council. Leader of the office for national security.
  69. Radoslav KUJAWA. Brigadier general. Head of the military intelligence service, head of the military intelligence service at the defence ministry.
  70. Robert KUPIECKI. Vice-minister of defence.
  71. Adam LIPINSKI. Member of the lower house of the Polish parliament.
  72. Marek Henryk MIGALSKI. Former member of the EP delegation in the committee for the EU-Russia parliamentary collaboration.
  73. Agniezska POMASKA. Member of the lower house of the Polish parliament.
  74. Jacezk SARYUSZ-WOLSKI. Member of the AFET committee of the European Parliament.
  75. Marek SIWIEC. Member of the AFET committee of the European Parliament.
  76. Marek TOMASZYCKI. Commander of the ”head commandos” of the Polish armed forces.
  77. Zbigniew WLOSOWICZ. Deputy leader for the office for national security.
  78. Romania

  79. Iulian CHIFU. Former consultant for the Romanian presidency on strategic and national security questions. Columnist for the newspaper Evenimentul Zilej.
  80. Tiberiu-Liviu CHONDON. Fleet commander of the naval forces of Romania.
  81. Adrian CIOROIANU. Former deputy chairman of the ALDE EP group. Historian and professor at the University of Bucharest.
  82. Gheorghe HATEGAN. Deputy general director of the state company Transgas.
  83. Eugen TOMAC. Chairman of the People’s Movement party.
  84. Spain

  85. José Ignacio SALAFRANCASANCHEZ-NEYRA. Former member of the AFET committee in the European Parliament.
  86. Ramon Luis VALCARCELSISO. Deputy chairman of the European Parliament, former president of the government of the autonomous region of Murcia.
  87. Sweden

  88. Lena ADELSOHN-LILJEROTH. Former sport and culture minister
  89. Anna Maria CORAZZABILDT. Vice-chair of the EP Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection
  90. Gunnar HÖKMARK. Member of the EP committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs.
  91. Gunnar KARLSON. Head of the Swedish Military Intelligence and Security Service administration.
  92. Eva LIDSTRÖM ADLER. Head of the Swedish tax authority.
  93. Marietta DE POURBAIX-LUNDIN. Former member of Parliament and head of the Swedish delegation to the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe.
  94. Magnus SÖDERMAN. Activist in the Swedish Resistance Movement group.
  95. Odd Sven-Eric WERIN. Counter admiral, Sweden’s military representative to the EU and NATO.
  96. United Kingdom

  97. Nick CLEGG. Former deputy Prime Minister.
  98. Philip DUNNE. Defence state secretary (deputy minister).
  99. Nicolas HOUGHTON. Chief of the Defence Staff.
  100. Edward McMILLAN-SCOTT. Former vice-president of the European Parliament.
  101. Andrew PARKER. General Director of MI5.
  102. Andrew ROBATHAN. Former State minister for Northern Ireland.
  103. Malcolm RIFKIND. Former chairman of the House of Commons’ Intelligence and Security Committee.
  104. John SAWERS. Former head of the MI6.
  105. Robert WALTER. Former member of the House of Commons.

Map of the countries most affected by the blacklist