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Nepal quake: fears grow about health of survivors

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By Euronews
Nepal quake: fears grow about health of survivors

Fears are growing about the health of those who survived Nepal’s devastating earthquake.

With scores of homes destroyed, thousands of people are living in camps in the capital Kathmandu, where living conditions are basic.

“I’m worried that my children may get sick because it is so dirty here. People defecate everywhere and water for washing hands and dishes is not clean,” said one woman who is living in a camp.

Government officials say there is no sign of any outbreak. But UN research shows there has been a rise in diarrhea cases in quake-hit areas.

Aid workers say they also have other health fears.

“One disease we are always concerned about in a situation like this is measles and UNICEF will be looking at a emergency measles vaccination campaign,” explained Kent Page, a spokesman for UNICEF.

“Measles can kill children, especially those in bad situation and vulnerable health, so we’re looking at that, that’s a concern. Diarrhea is a concern and just making sure that kids, their hands are clean so they’re not getting sick.”

There is an overpowering stench of rotting bodies in the capital, as the dead continue to be pulled from the rubble.

The earthquake killed more than 6,200 people and affected millions more. Aid still has not reached some areas.