Baltimore is put under curfew again as protests spread

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By Euronews
Baltimore is put under curfew again as protests spread

A largely peaceful protest with thousands demanding justice and police reform, capped a day of relative calm in Baltimore on Wednesday.

But anger over the death of a 25-year-old black man after his arrest by police has not gone away…. and as the marchers went passed, 3,000 troops stood by to enforce a second night of curfew.

Elsewhere in the city, Baltimore’s Major League Baseball team, the Orioles, played the Chicago White Sox in an empty stadium, a sign of the tenuous security situation.


But the calm after Monday night’s violence seems to have been a relief to many including Maryland’s state governor, Larry Hogan:

“All day long nearly every single person I talked to, thanked us profusely. Thank you for bring the guard, thank you for bringing the Maryland State Police, thank you for bringing law and order back to our city. If you remember on Monday night, the city was in flames, cars were being exploded. Stores were being looted, people’s home were being burnt to the ground. People are pretty happy that we’re here.”

protests spread

Across the United States there have been supportive protests in major cities such as New York and Washington.

Baltimore has become the latest flash point in a national movement to end racial profiling sparked by the deaths of black men over the past year at the hands of police.