EU 'drives people mad' says British PM, but Miliband wants to stay

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By Euronews
EU 'drives people mad' says British PM, but Miliband wants to stay

British Prime Minister David Cameron and opposition leader Ed Miliband have taken part in back-to-back live televised interviews .. as the general election campaign kicks off six weeks before the vote on May 7.

Cameron said EU membership has brought Britain some benefits but that it needs a new deal with the EU.

“I think the problem with the European Union at the moment is that it’s got some good aspects, but too many things that drive people mad,” said Cameron. “People see that it’s trying to become too much of a state rather than an organisation, it’s trying to take too much power.

While Cameron is pledging a referendum on EU membership Milliband wants to stay in the bloc.

“I think leaving the EU would be a disaster for our country,” said Miliband. “Because I think we rely on its jobs and the trade we get from being in the EU. I think strategically for Britain, whether you want to tackle terrorism or climate change or a whole range of issues, you’ve got to be an outward-looking country.”

The two are leading contenders in the general election, however other parties are expected to play a major role.

A formal televised debate is set for next week with other party leaders taking part.