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Under the radar: Stories you may have missed from around the world

Under the radar: Stories you may have missed from around the world
By Euronews
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Turkey: Men not ‘available’? The Turkish Language Institute (TDK) has put their own, rather controversial twist on the word ‘available’. According

Turkey: Men not ‘available’?


The Turkish Language Institute (TDK) has put their own, rather controversial twist on the word ‘available’.

According to the TDK, the second meaning of ‘müsait’ (‘available’) is:
“(Woman) who is available to flirt with and can easily flirt.”

TDK'den skandal 'müsait' tanımı: Kolayca flört edebilen kadın

— BirGün Gazetesi (@BirGun_Gazetesi) 10 Mars 2015

It has raised more than a few eyebrows. However, objections don’t seem to centre around the general definition, but rather the gender aspect.

The Istanbul Feminist Collective demanded the removal of the ‘sexist statement’.

—> Read more here

Ukraine: Locals poke fun at Kyiv construction plans

Ukrainians have taken to social media to speculate about the new design of the Trade Unions building in Kyiv.

The former building, in the heart of the capital, was destroyed in a fire during the 2014 anti-government protests

While the proposed replacement is described as ‘futuristic’, Ukrainians have offered a host of new and at times humourous suggestions on how they think it should look.

Ukrainians poke fun at plans for reconstruction of central Kyiv building

— UKRAINE TODAY (@uatodaytv) March 11, 2015

Ideas range from a new hat for Kyiv mayor Vitaliy Klitschko, to a fictional spacecraft.

Користувачі соціальних мереж активно жартують над ескізом "Київ-Проекту"

— Hromadske.TV (@HromadskeTV) March 11, 2015

Соцмережі скепсисом і фотожабами відреагували на проект реконструкції Будинку профспілок

— Радіо Свобода (@radiosvoboda) March 11, 2015

The planned building is expected to look remarkably similar to the previous one, with the addition of a roof exhibit to commemorate those who died during the 2014 revolution.

Over 100 people were killed in during the violence, including some who were burned alive when the Trade Unions building set on fire.

Trade Unions Building gutted RT @lb_ua: Будинок профспілок зараз

— Joseph Stashko (@JosephStash) February 19, 2014

Greece: Poignant pictures show a little can go a long way

An Athens local captured the touching scene when a man handed over a pair a trainers to a homeless man.

The images capture the harsh reality of the economic crisis in Greece, but also the face of compassion.

Taken aback by the unexpected offer, the homeless man sheds tears, showing that one man’s simple gift can mean a great deal to another.

The images can be found on Iraklis Pnevmatikakis’ Facebook page:

(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));Δημοσίευση by Heraklis Pnevmatikakis.

—> Read more here

Switzerland: Man, 90, chased for 64-year-old tax bill

A 90-year-old retiree in Lausanne received a surprising letter from the tax office. He apparently owes 52.80 CHF (approximately 50 euros) for a payment he missed in 1951!


The man promptly set his account straight.

Following a recent audit, Lausanne’s tax department found it was owed millions of francs in unpaid debts.

—> Read more here

Hungary: Homeless man-turned-millionaire gives back

László Andraschek made national headlines when he made a significant donation to a hostel for the homeless.

While it might seem insignificant to some, the 55-year-old was also formerly homeless and saw his fortunes change significantly when he won the lottery.


Andraschek bought the winning ticket using his last remaining coins and said it was a chance decision at a railway station while he was on his way to a workshop for recovering alcoholics.

Now a millionaire, he has opened a café. He and his wife plan to use profits from the café to run a foundation to help addicts.

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