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Speed learning: can we train our brain to learn more, faster?

Speed learning: can we train our brain to learn more, faster?
By Euronews
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Can learning be accelerated? How can we train our brain to store and retrieve information quickly and effectively? Speed learning methods are here to help.


Learning new subjects and skills can often seem daunting as we struggle to understand and retain new information. Speed learning methods promise a shortcut to success by using a variety of techniques to help us absorb and remember vast amounts of new data quickly and effectively.

So what are the secrets to accelerating the learning process? How can you train your brain to store and retrieve information more quickly?

In this edition of Learning World we have three stories that explore these questions in depth.

Tricks from an education expert
Michael Tipper is an expert on how the brain works. He says the key to remembering new information lies in how it is presented. Throw out boring text books and replace them with pictures, colours, activities, and maps – things that stand out and grab your brain’s attention.

To cut a long story short
A speed school programme in Ethiopia is helping children who’ve never been to school catch up with the education they missed in record time. The accelerated learning system uses games, music and flashcards to teach the basics of primary education in just 10 months.

Fast forward at the learning fair
A learning fair in Lyon, France, offers a selection of 20-minute workshops in science, arts and crafts, DIY, and more. Using creative presentation and methods, these short taster sessions provide an introduction to new subjects and an invitation to find out more.

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