Don't worry, be happy: learning to conquer fears and anxieties

Don't worry, be happy: learning to conquer fears and anxieties
By Euronews
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How can we learn to control or overcome our fears and phobias? Learning World explores some of the educational methods that have proven to be effective in tackling anxieties.

Seeking psychological treatment to overcome what others might regard as irrational fears is common and some experts have developed practical educational techniques. We have a look at three examples in this programme.

The first report is from Romania where we meet a young girl who has learned how to deal with her demons through creative play and games. Maria has received help from a method that involves helping her transform scary monsters into friendly faces.

Dispelling fears through familiarity is also a theme emerging in our second story from Portugal. A hospital in the north of the country regularly runs workshops for pre-school children to help them conquer their wariness of doctors, nurses and anyone in a white coat. The kids take part in a simulated operation, getting first hand experience of a surgical theatre.

It is adults who have their nerves calmed in our final story, from Switzerland. We join a group of people undergoing a training course to help them deal with their fear of flying. Relaxation techniques and coaching from a reassuring airline captain prove to be a successful combination in tackling this common condition.

To find out more watch the video.

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